Honoring Our Mothers

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

The integration of public gardens into the Cathedral District will provide a distinctive and meaningful framework for the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, helping it become a more unique destination, offering seasonal texture, quiet places for learning, repose and contemplation.

Honoring the Legacy

The Mothers’ Garden pays tribute to all Mothers by honoring and remembering their unique lives, including whom and what they loved.

The Mothers’ Garden is designed as an alcove of a Mother’s outstretched arms, open to embrace her children — and will include a gentle water feature and open seating that will encourage families to gather and enjoy the beauty of the place year-round.

Just What Our Mothers Would Love

A sacred place to honor our Mothers would never be complete without sustainable beauty surrounding it.

Our vision for the green spaces around the Cathedral extends from our Mothers’ Garden to a series of planned green areas ribboning throughout the campus.

Our Master Plan provides a sustainable environment that promotes and celebrates the principles of stewardship, education and a sense of community.

Through preservation and improvements of the natural order, a focus on stewardship, rainwater harvesting, cleansing and planting diversity will help us achieve our sustainability goal.

Featuring …

  • Recharging the ground plain with permeable paving in parking lot areas;
  • Harvesting roof rainwater for re-use on the site and irrigation of the garden areas;
  • New native and themed plantings to encourage bird habitat, expressing seasonality  and texture, and supporting stormwater runoff cleansing;
  • An enriched tree layer to further introduce shade and canopy throughout the campus;
  • Introduction of drought tolerant plantings to reduce water consumption;
  • Introduction of recycled materials.


Our plan emphasizes a dynamic and cohesive open space that promotes the landscape as a place for learning, and its pedestrian areas as a venue for social interaction.
Honoring our Mothers means tending to the natural beauty they loved.