A New Era for Our Magnificent Cathedral

The guiding light for our Archdiocese


The Cathedral of Saint Joseph — the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Hartford, is visited by over 100,000 people each year who come for religious services, social service programs, cultural, artistic, musical celebrations and to share a sense of community. It is the epicenter of the Catholic faith in the Archdiocese of Hartford.

The Archdiocese of Hartford, through the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, has always placed its treasures in the path of people in need.

The result has been the creation of new opportunities for individuals and families where they had not existed previously.

A Cathedral in Motion

When it came to families needing affordable housing on Asylum Hill, the Archdiocese of Hartford didn’t see a problem, they saw a solution: Cathedral Green.

The former St. Joseph Cathedral School, located at 809 Asylum Avenue, on the campus of the Cathedral, has been transformed into affordable homes for 28 Asylum Hill families. Cathedral Green was developed by the Archdiocese of Hartford to fill a need in the community for family housing. Families have easy access to programs and services to ensure they continue on a path of stability and success.

A Cathedral in Need

As we admire parts of the Cathedral structure, we note much that is past a useful life expectancy.  Externally,  the  deterioration of limestone panels, base stones, and the retaining and plaza walls require careful attention, as does the bell tower and the historic frieze over the front doors.