The world’s leading Electric String Trio — The String Angels — entertained at this year’s first HBF Gala with gusto!  This trio featured three lovely girls, three electric violins in one dynamite show!

From the creators of The Three Waiters, who also appeared at the HBF Gala, this glamorous trio amazed the crowd with their fully-choreographed, interactive electric violin show, supported by fully-pumped orchestral backings with a beat.


Bob Cranston, the kilted auctioneer who keeps every auction humming, served up the items on hand as the HBF Gala Auctioneer, bringing excitement and lots of laughs during the Gala Auction, where  five extraordinary prizes were featured:

  • Dinner with Archbishop Blair at the Cathedral Rectory.
  • The Ultimate British Open Golf Experience
  • A Vermont Ski Retreat
  • A Napa Valley Epicurean Experience
  • Attendance at the world-famous Toronto International Film Festival



Sophisticated, spontaneous and loads of fun, The Three Waiters, comprising three talented singers posing as waiters unleashed a hilarious and dynamic show in the style of The Three Tenors. The HBF Gala was thrilled to host this award winning show of harmonious voices and sophisticated humor that surprised and captivated everyone in attendance.