Creating The Cathedral District for Hartford

A new gateway for the capitol City

At the heart of every community lies a centerpiece like the Cathedral of Saint Joseph. What we plan for this campus will transform our city and inspire the region.

Our plan is to restore the Cathedral of Saint Joseph to a level of optimal serviceability worthy of its purpose: the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Hartford. From there, we will open our existing property to the possibilities of our brightest imaginations.

We will light our lamp and hold it high to welcome individuals and families to our gardens, open green spaces, event, meeting and education spaces, reflective corners and, of course, the pews and sacred spaces of our Mother Church.

We will engage people of all faith traditions and create a new front door for our City and its people.

A Welcoming Beacon

Interior illumination will transform the steeple into a soft, beacon of light calling across the Archdiocese, saying we are here, we are making a
difference, we are moving forward.

As part of the Cathedral’s restoration, we will illuminate the bell tower, steeple and Cross to extend the reach of our Cathedral during the evening hours to more distant neighborhoods, and even to the motorists who pass through the City on Routes 84 and 91.

We will repair
where the needs exist,
and we will create
… a more encompassing community;
… a conspicuously welcoming Church;
… a new hope on the hill;
… a place for all of us